About Us

At The Studio we offer pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of programs for ages 18 months to adult, including both Recreational and Competitive classes.

Our regular full season of classes operates from September to early June, with registration open through the year for both dance and music (dependent on the program & space permitting). We also offer short-term 6 and 10-week dance programs. We provide our students with the opportunity to perform in professional – style shows by offering them performance showcases each year dependant upon age and classes registered.

The Studio is a leader in education. Our staff is highly qualified, motivational and energetic, but more importantly they provide our students with a fun, positive and safe atmosphere no matter the age or level. We focus on helping young people achieve their goals by not just teaching them the steps, but incorporating discipline, focus and respect as well as building friendships that last a lifetime.

The majority of students who grow up with The Studio, start as young children and continue until they are adults, many now with children of their own! Many graduates move on to be successful performers, teachers, pilots, mechanics, doctors and entrepreneurs.

We take pride in over 50 years of business and the long standing relationships with our Studio families, past and present. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, along with an underlying belief in the strength of our organization. “It is important to us that we help build your child’s confidence.” With an arts education comes a variety of life lessons. Our goal for students of all ages is to learn…self-discipline, focus, attention to detail, how to take direction, how to work with a group, and have a strong work ethic. Students in the arts will acquire compassion, understanding and empathy, something in which the world is in desperate need. These are skills students take with them on whatever path they follow in years to come. Dance, Music and Drama help build a person.


Pre/Kinder: Ages 3-5
Mini: Ages 6-9
Junior: Ages 10-13
Teen/Int/Adv: Ages 12-18
Adults: Ages 18+