The Beginner’s Mindset.  The mind can get lazy and keep repeating habits that worked in the past.  As a result, we may forget how to learn new ways of thinking or approaches to life’s challenges.  A beginner’s mindset is the opposite of the expert mindset.  When we think we know something (the expert), we must compare what we know to what others know.  Once we compare, we either defend that we are right or become self-critical that we don’t know enough.  Either way we have firmly planted ourselves in the dreaded drama triangle.  The beginner’s mindset in dance is critical to improvement.  Even the most advanced dancer needs to draw upon the beginner basics to enhance their skills.  In ballet for instance, the plie is done at the start of almost every class from beginner to advanced.  Simply repeating the action of the plie with the “expert, all knowing” mind will work against the functionality and importance of the plie.  The true expert sets their mind to “beginner” mode to remember everything any teacher ever said to them about their plie.  Knee placement, foot placement, body placement, weight distribution, lengthening of the spine, focal point and so on.  So next time your dancer complains about doing plies in every class ask them what the expert dancer does!