This is what our wonderful clients and parents have to say…


My daughter loves coming to dance class at The Studio. The staff are friendly and I was blown away by the quality and professionalism of their year end showcase! I highly recommend The Studio!

-S. Murphy


Thank you so much for this amazing year! I have learned so much from this past year with you and slowly improving.  I am so glad I got to be put in a class with an amazing teacher and a great group of people.  Thank you for guiding me through this year and I can not wait to be in the studio with you again next year.




I just wanted to thank you both so much for another amazing year. You both mean so much to me, and The Studio is such a big part of my life. You have inspired me in so many ways, and I have come to respect you both so much. This year I have truly come to realize how much you both do for all of us, this show wouldn’t take flight like it does without both of the love and effort you put into it every year. We had another two amazing nights, not to mention the crazy work ahead of it, full of laughs and great memories. I’m sure we’ll all be sad to say goodbye to those who are leaving, but know that you both have changed each and every one of our lives. I’m looking forward to what next year will bring! I just wanted to make sure you both know how much I appreciate all your love and support, and I am so thankful for the person you’ve both shaped me to be. You are both amazing, thank you so much!


I wanted to let you know that I got into graduate school! I applied to a bunch of Genetic Counseling programs in January, went to interviews, and got into 3 programs. I decided to go to Sarah Lawrence in New York, because, well, who wouldn’t want to move to New York?!

I also wanted to thank you, for everything you have done for me. I realized that I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for you guys. You not only taught me how to dance, you taught me so many life lessons along the way. Without my experience at The Studio, I would not have the confidence that I have, which has been crucial for both going through university, and getting into grad school. Being on the Dance Pak at Guelph for my four years of undergrad was absolutely amazing. I met so many life long friends, and of course, got to keep dancing (I don’t think I could ever stop!). I know that my university experience would not have been the same without the Dance Pak, and I wouldn’t have had the courage or ability to audition for the team if it weren’t for you. I think we all remember little Gillian, and how painfully shy I was, and all the self-confidence that I lacked! But you guys worked so hard to change that, and I can’t imagine going through grad school interviews without the self-confidence that you instilled in me. I really learned how to believe in myself through dance, and how to work hard to achieve my goals.

So thank you again, you guys mean so much to me, and I will never forget the huge role you have played in my life!

Miss you! See you at recital!
-Love Gillian xoxoxoxoxox

 Thank you! I also would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful time that Sofia had at The Studio on Saturday! Even though I dropped the birthday cake and would be very stressed because of it nothing could have been more fun than Sofia’s party. Everything was very well organized and welcoming! . When we arrived everything was setup and Julia was there to greet Sofia and her friends with her two wonderful demonstrators. Several of Sofia’s friends that have never had ballet before will become The Studio’s ballerinas next season because they are in love with Julia. Her energy and ability to keep them engaged is amazing . I could go on and on about the party but saying that The Studio was the place to be on Saturday would be one of the first things in my mind!

I am very glad that I picked The Studio to Host Sofia’s 5th Birthday Party.

In behalf of Sofia and mine once more Thank you very much!

-Celia Oliveira

We, the Hamilton family, really appreciated the show as well. This email was such a succinct overview of the hightlights for us too. I had goosebumps reading it. As parents we often don`t say it enough. Thank you so much teachers. For your great energy and your even greater intentions. Although we won`t be seeing you at the BBQ we will certainly see you next year.

Have a great summer!!!!

-Keith, Mary, Kate & Owen Hamilton :))


Thank you so much for a wonderful party for Laurel this past Saturday.

It was great to come in and find the place all decked out welcoming her guests and we only had to deal with food. Seeing the happy birthday sign on the door made Laurel very excited.

We ended up with 7 girls and 6 boys and everyone had a great time. It was fabulous to have a teenage boy helping out because the boys didn’t feel they were in a girlie girl type situation and as a result the boys had a fantastic time.

The party coordinators did a great job.

Hats off to them.

Thanks again,
-Laura Benner

Just a very quick note to let you know that Corinne LOVED LOVED LOVED the power pilates class!!! She really enjoyed all of her classes last night, but was absolutely thrilled with the pilates class.

Just thought that you would want to know.

-Susan Fealy

We Samadhi, Sundeep and I just want to Thank you for being the best dance community ever! We are delighted in the grace and confidence that Samadhi has developed through training and being in the energy of your space and unique teachers.

In Gratitude for your studio with heart



Hi Ann

I just wanted to thank you for all your support with Cassandra this year.
The year end show was amazing and I’m blown away with the amazing job you guys did with all the kids.

Thanks again
-Julie Coutu


I intended ‘writing’ before now, to say how very much we (my husband and I) enjoyed your June 3rd show. We’ve attended for the past three years, because our grand-daughter, Patricia Paskins, participates……..we thoroughly enjoy every bit of the show – slick, fun, and lots of variety.

Your hard work thru’ the year really shows by way of the improvement in each students’ performance …….. I know Patricia really enjoys being a part of The Studio and, of course, my son Tony and his wife Natasha – are SO proud of their little ‘princess’, (as are we).

Thanks again for a wonderful evening
-Jim & Patricia Day (Nana & Poppa)

Thanks to you because you bring so much excitement to our kids’ lives! This show is so important to Emilie-

this morning again… she took one of her costume and her certificate to class- she will make a presentation to the entire class and talk about the show!

Looking forward to next year!
-Hélène (Emilie’s mom)

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