Part Time Competitive Program

Part-Time Competitive Class

Ages 7+ with a minimum 2 years training

These are classes designed for dancers who wish to experience the world of competition but are not sure they can commit to the full Intensive Program. With fewer hours and fewer competitions this level gives the student a taste of competitive dance and an option to decide whether or not our Intensive Program is the right choice for them. This program is divided into age categories and there is an audition process.

Weekly classes are incorporated into the student’s current dance schedule to allow for choreography.

All students interested in trying out for the Recreational Competitive Class MUST take a ballet class to assist in enhancing the technique required for any competitive dance.Being a member of the Recreational Competitive Program does not guarantee any dancer entrance into the Studio Intensive Program. (SIP)

Part Time Competitive Fee $325 + tax  (This fee does not include costume and competition entry fees)


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