Virtual Dance 6-11 Years

40 Minute Classes

Unlimited Summer Pkg – Have access to all 40 minute classes $140 plus tax

Purchase one class at a time $10 plus tax per class

Craft Kit    Available for students participationg in Creation Station. See list of supplies required before purchasing a Craft Kit as many items you may already have at home. $10 plus tax

TikTok Tuesday

Tuesdays 4:00pm

Each week learn popular TikToks or create your own.  Each class will start with a short warm up then go into making your TikTok!  Ages 6+

Creation Station Jr

Wednesdays 2:30pm

This is a creative art class.  Each week you will complete a piece of art!  Many items required for each project you may already have at home.  (See item list)  If you prefer we also sell an Art Kit that can be purchased in our online store and picked up at The Studio. Ages 6-11.  Materials required: paper, pencil crayons, construction paper, cardboard, buttons, ribbon, craft foam, fine black pen or marker, watercolour paper, water colour paints, wax crayons, paint brush, tin foil, nuts and bolts, pop tabs, paper clips, springs and anything metal from around the house.

New to Dance Ages 6-11

Tuesdays 5:30pm

Each class will focus on a different dance style.  This class is great for dancers who want to try a new style of dance and for children who are brand new to dance.  The best way to know what style of dance is your favourite to start with is by trying.  Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical and Music Theatre will be covered over the 6 weeks.

Acro Training

Thursdays 6:00pm

Each class will focus on the training required for acrobatics. The focus will be on stretching, strengthening and endurance. Balances and stationary acro tricks may be taught depending on the level of each individual student. Dancers must always check the space around themselves prior to each class. No dancer should attempt any acro “trick” without the instructors permission. Bare feet is best for all acro classes and form fitting attire.


Tuesdays 6:15pm

Each class will begin with a ballet barre. Students may find it easier to have a chair to use as their barre for exercises. After barre the chair can be put to the side as the class progresses on to more technique. Bare feet or socks are suggested if no ballet shoes are available.


Wednesdays 4:00pm

No tap shoes? No problem! Running shoes or hard sole dress shoes can be worn for class if tap shoes are not available. Dancers wilol benefit from having a hard surface to dance on such as a plank of wood, sheet of cardboard or laminate flooring.


Wednesdays 5:45pm

Every class will begin with a full body warm up and stretch then progress into jazz technique. Kicks, turns, jumps and combonations will be taught. Bare feet or running shoes are recommended.

Hip Hop

Tuesdays 7:05pm
High energy and lots of fun. Get ready to work out. Hip Hop skills, tips and tricks will be taught. Running shoes are best for hip hop class.


Thursdays 6:45pm
Get your emotions moving through your body. Full body warm up then on to explore how far you can reach within yourself mentally and physically to tell stories with movement.