Dance Classes



Ages: 3-Adult
The Studio strongly encourages all dance students to take ballet. The technique is vital to all other areas of dance and even sports. Every class is taught with an emphasis on the details of technique. Younger dancers are introduced to basic fundamentals while older more mature students work in the classical method.



Ages: 3-Adult
Jazz Pure fun and energy. It is a more structured, style of dance as opposed to the free style of hip hop. Jazz features a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, leaps and quick turns.


Hip Hop

Ages: 3-Adult
Possibly one of the most popular styles of dance today. It is constantly seen on TV and music videos. A great work out that challenges every area of the body that can be isolated.



Ages: 6-20yrs
This is the “sister” to gymnastics. Muscle conditioning is key to all levels of acro. Strong, flexible muscles are gained in every class. Controlled balances, inverted positions are taught as well as tumbling for students who are ready.



Ages: 6-20yrs
Also one of the most popular styles today. Unlike other more structured forms of dance the movements are generally intended to be performed with a released or relaxed quality. Contemporary draws influences from many different dance styles and cultures such as, African jazz, jazz music, ballet, and eastern dance styles to name a few. Contemporary dance also follows closely on the heels of the modern dance. Students participating in contemporary dance must also take a ballet class.



Ages: 3-Adult
This style of dance challenges your balance, co-ordination, core muscles and rhythm skills. Dexterity as well as leg muscles are gained. Students train their ears as well as their feet. A great style of dance for any age.


8 Weeks of Dance (Mini & Jr Mix it Up / Teen Fuzion)

Ages: 3-6/ 6-11/ 12-16
Ages 3-6 and 6-11 explore all kinds of dance and movement. Teens focus on Hip Hop and Contemporary. No special dance clothes or shoes are required. Bare feet and/or clean indoor running shoes.  

Mini Sat 2:30-3:00pm                Winter 8 Weeks January 11 – Feb 29   Spring 8 Weeks March 21 – May 9 $120.00 plus tax 

Jr Sat 3:00-3:45pm                    Same dates as listed above. $130.00 plus tax   



Hop, Skip, Clap

Ages: 18-30mo
Enhancing motor skills /hand eye co-ordination / listening skills / musicality through the use of music & movement. Limited to 10 tots plus a parent.

Saturdays 9:45-10:30am      Fall Session Oct 19-Dec 7     Winter Session January 11 – Feb 29        Spring Session March 21 – May 9       $95.00